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1 Jul 2003 ... 2 Spotlight On Motorola ATEX Two Way Radio Portfolio. Contents. Page. Objective. 3. Intrinsically Safe Products. Declaration of Conformity weblinks for Motorola radios. 3. 4. Radios In Hazardous Areas. 4. Examples of Explosive Hazards. 5. Risk Levels Classified by Zones. 6. Maximum Temperatures...


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Effective ignition source. Effective ignition source is a term defined in the European ATEX directive as an event which, in combination with sufficient oxygen and fuel in gas, mist, vapor or dust form, can cause an explosion. Methane, hydrogen or coal dust are examples of possible...


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Zone 20. Continuous release inside a dust containment enclosure gives rise to Zone 20 - a place in which an explosive atmosphere, in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air, is present continuously, or for long periods or frequently for short periods. For example, a mill or pneumatic conveying system.


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can be used in ATEX zones. Type MS service units take care of the compressed air prepara- tion. Ash and coal handling. Festo subsystems and compo- nents are also used in handling residual ash. For example, a well-known British plant engi- neer depends on Festo pneu- matics for its coal and ash transportation systems...