concrete culvert crushing tester 2500 kn dynamic and static load

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Impact loading on concrete slabs - DiVA… pdf

From the static load tests of the slabs, the load at cracking was obtained at 50 – 60 kN ... The concrete cover was in average 30 mm, measured from the compressive side, resulting in little difference between the crack load and the ultimate load. A vertical .... dynamic load capacity of concrete slabs by experimental testing.


Effects of Loading Rate on Reinforced Concrete… pdf

machine has an axial tensile capacity of 1000 KN and compressive capacity of 2500 KN, the hardware allows it to achieve a "no-load" ... mean the quasi-static and dynamic compressive strength of concrete. c f cd f. Table 2.1 Mix proportions of concrete used in this test. Concrete grade. Cement. (kg/m3). Sand. (kg/m3) gravel.