purifizenithion of raw bentonite

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How to obtain a higher quality Bentonite clay from raw…

Many thanks for your help. Actually, it is such an interesting and comprehensive paper Dr. A. Sagaya Doss with more details, and a concise explanation Mr. Mathias Köster that was very useful. Aalaa Elshaarawy. 4 years ago. Aalaa Elshaarawy. The American University in Cairo. Thank you Wissam Abdallah for your help.


Black Hills Bentonite - What is Bentonite

But what is bentonite? What makes it so unique? The answer to these questions started over 100 million years ago. During the cretaceous age, volcanoes in the Yellowstone area of Wyoming were subject to long periods of eruptions. Ash falling from these eruptions dropped into seas which covered much of Wyoming,...